When it comes to products, we offer it all: deep cycle technology, car batteries, marine battery units and more.

However, we know that great products are only part of what makes a great company. As such, we provide service to outlets on a regular basis, depending on your business needs and location.

When servicing outlets, we ensure that:

  • All of the outlet’s service, stock and maintenance needs are met
  • All stock is ready for use and has been properly rotated
  • Warranty claims are settled on site, promptly and efficiently

Returns and Disposal

Whether you have a smaller unit for your car or a larger battery unit, you’ll get the same level of service. We have a flexible, prompt policy on our product returns, and make sure that you get your deep cycle, car or marine battery when you need it.

SuperCharge’s returns and disposal policies include:

  • Obsolete car, deep cycle and marine battery units are replaced immediately with new models.
  • Assessment and resolution of warranty claims is performed on site.
  • Any unneeded items – whether the result of outlet closure, delivery issues, or customer no-show – are processed on site as returns for credit (subject to the nature of the original transaction).

Scrap marine, deep cycle and car batteries are collected with the delivery of new stock, and disposed of in line with EPA standards (EPA No. 2207).

Better Products, Less Servicing

The manufacturing facilities that produce our deep cycle, car and marine battery components and units are certified to meet – and even exceed – New Zealand, Australia and international quality standards. Finished products are rigorously tested according to international standards and as required by leading automotive manufacturers. That means that the unit you buy won’t let you down when you need it most.

For more information on our range of car batteries and other products, contact us online, or call us in New Zealand on 0800 188 122 or Australia on 1300 228 837.