If you’re after a marine or deep cycle battery, you’ll experience the difference with SuperCharge’s Expanded Grid (EXG) Technology.

This technology provides a product with superior starting power as well as an ability to deliver a long, steady stream of power, depending on the make and model.

EXG technology is used in all of our units, so whether it’s a deep cycle recreational vehicle, marine battery or a standard auto battery  that you’re after, you know that you’re always getting market-leading quality.

Advantages of EXG Technology

EXG Technology describes the way our marine, deep cycle and auto battery products are made. The calcium-calcium grids are produced by taking continuous rolled strips and compacting them under high pressure. They are then sliced, expanded and cut into grid strips. This process provides them with a more compact grain structure as compared to ordinary gravity-casted grids.

Essentially, the size, manufacturing process and engineering of EXG technology units makes them:

  • Inherently stronger than standard marine, and deep cycle battery units
  • Less prone to heat and corrosion
  • More efficient in producing current conductivity and cranking power
  • An auto battery with a longer shelf life and useful life
  • Maintenance-free (for a number of our marine battery models) or very low maintenance

A Global Leader

As a member of the Ramcar Group of Companies, SuperCharge Batteries marine, and deep charge battery units are sourced from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces more than 600,000 calcium-calcium grids per month for the global market.

Ramcar’s products and systems have received ISO 9001 and TUV certifications, which is why we can confidently offer impressive warranties on our full range of products – from any standard auto battery to a large-scale recreational vehicle or marine battery.


When higher performance counts, you can count on SuperCharge’s EXG Technology. Our batteries are manufactured to a much higher standard and with greater precision than most standard models available in the Australasian market. That’s why leading car manufacturers – among others – will attest to the strength, performance and customer service we provide.

For more information, contact us online, or call us in New Zealand on 0800 188 122 or Australia on 1300 228 837.