About SuperCharge Batteries

Since 2004 in New Zealand and from 1984 in Australia, SuperCharge Batteries has been a leading provider of deep cycle, marine battery and other vehicle battery units.

We have always been dedicated to providing superior quality and value, which is why we have become the leading distributor of Expanded Calcium Grid marine, vehicle and deep cycle battery products in the Oceania region.

SuperCharge is also committed to providing an extensive product range, offering both commonly-needed products – such as Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Holden, Mazda and Honda vehicle battery units – including European Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Citroen, Alpha Romeo to name a few and niche market products.

Backed by State-of-the-Art Manufacturers

SuperCharge is a member of the Ramcar Group of Companies. Ramcar is amongst the largest and most fully-integrated auto, marine and deep cycle battery manufacturers in Asia. The company’s state-of-the-art fully-automated manufacturing facility produces 600,000 metal calcium-calcium units each month.

Also operating a recycling plant, tool, dye and mould fabrication facility, and a plastic injection and acid plant, Ramcar provides the manufacturing backup SuperCharge needs to provide the highest quality vehicle, marine and deep cycle battery models.

So what do we mean by ‘high quality’? Ramcar products are manufactured using Expanded Grid Technology, which produces grids that are far stronger than those found in standard lead-acid units. EXG Technology-produced units have been tested and proven to stand up to the most extreme weather and road conditions around the world.

Products for Every Vehicle

Whether you need standard vehicle battery for your car, marine battery for your boat, deep cycle battery for your RV, or any other type of unit, you can find it at SuperCharge. Use our Match Your Vehicle tool to find the perfect product for your vehicle, or contact us directly for quality service and assistance in the selection of your unit.

New Zealand residents can call 0800 188 122.

Australian residents can call 1300 228 837.