MotivAction Batteries Range A4 4pp 250gsm 4


Discover SuperCharge Batteries, the leading distributor of car batteries in Australia and New Zealand, Experience long service life battery and nationwide warranty.

Motivaction Batteries are developed and designed for industrial motive application in New Zealand. Designed for the vigorous industrial depp cycle power.

Flat plate lead acid technology has proved to be a reliable power source for motive applications for decades. It continues that legacy with improved design and formulation. Reliable power with a tank construction, that’s Flat Plate.

Tubular is an advanced lead acid technology. Using tubular plates gives more power and life cycles as it provides a larger surface area for active materials to react. Tubular is a proven lead-acid German technology, with more power, and longer life.

Lithium is the latest innovation in battery power for industrial applications. Using the safest & cleanest LiFePO4 technology available and backed by a 5 year warranty, Lithium offers significantly more cycle life and longer discharge times over lead acid batteries.

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Supercharge Batteries Brands

Since 2004 in New Zealand and from 1984 in Australia, SuperCharge has been a leading provider of deep cycle, marine battery and other vehicle battery units.

We have always been dedicated to providing superior quality and value, which is why we have become the leading distributor of Expanded Calcium Grid marine, vehicle and deep cycle battery products in the Oceania region.

SuperCharge Batteries is also committed to providing an extensive product range, offering both commonly-needed products – such as Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Holden, Mazda and Honda vehicle battery units – including European Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Citroen, Alpha Romeo to name a few and niche market products.

SuperCharge Batteries parent company, Ramcar, founded in 1919, has evolved into a world class stored electrical energy solutions provider. It operates in 38 countries around the world and is supported by its various affections and exclusive suppliers.

SuperCharge has a proud Australian heritage dating back to 1984 and continues to be market leaders through implementation of specifically designed products and programs for our local market. We utilise leading edge technology to provide ultimate durability delivering consistency in performance, making SuperCharge Batteries the right choice for the Australian & New Zealand automotive industry.

Supercharge Batteries Brands